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First impressions of the Aquat3 exhibition

 Last September 19, one of the AQUA T3 equipment, the Basic Box, was one of the novelties of the exhibition that took place in the Minipreço of  Vila Nova de Famalicão.

The response to this new equipment was quite positive, aroused the curiosity of hypermarket customers and regarding the compliments … We’ll be right there.

First of all, we would like to mention the hospitality of the Minipreço team, always very committed to ensuring all the means for a better experience of their customers when using the AQUA T3 system. 

The AQUA T3 team was pleased with the presentation of the BasicBox, the most affordable equipment of the brand, with automatic outlets for water, liquid soap and disinfectant.

According to the CEO, Ana Paula Marques, “users loved the experience of being able to sanitize their hands in a very simple and effective way” also referring to the security that it transmits in times of Covid-19, “the possibility of doing so without any kind of touch es on surfaces was what caught the most attention in people“.

Other of the most frequent opinions of users about the equipment were Innovation and Design. The vast majority of people had never used something so practical and comfortable and that was both compact and simple to install, referring mainly to the automatisms of the system, equipped with sensors that detect the presence of hands making the chosen functionality act in this way.

Overall, the feedback was very positive, having exceeded the expectations of the AQUA T3 team. Ana Rocha, one of the promoters of the exhibition said that “we call attention to something that can be increasingly decisive nowadays” since the vast majority of people believe that hand washing has been forgotten to the detriment of disinfectants.

According to her, one of the users also said that “nothing replaces the washing of our hands, despite the importance of disinfectants” and that “the idea of this system is quite innovative and gives us a lot of security the implementation of these equipment in places like this”.

The brand will continue to provide these types of events in order to promote its equipment with main focus in public places with great flow of people.

How do sensor taps work?

Quite possibly, you stopped to think about how sensor faucets work and why many commercial establishments are adopting for this option and not for conventional faucets.

Faucet with sensors Vs conventional faucet

Although there seem to be many differences between this type of faucets, the truth is that there are also many similarities.

Sensor faucets use the same parts as a conventional faucet, you can find various varieties of colors, styles and materials. Like a conventional faucet, sensor faucets include a built-in tube connected to a water network.

Moreover, they also have an electrical circuit that allows the operation of the equipment.

But what set them apart anyway?
Let’s find out together!


Electronic component

For the sensor faucet to work, it needs an electrovalve that controls the water outlet. When the piston is still, it automatically blocks the water path when the load is applied, the solenoid valve engages back into the piston causing the water to flow. 


How does the sensor work?

Sensor faucets use recent technology and are therefore more efficient, however, sensor operation is simple. The solenoid valve is connected to an electronic sensor, which sends a signal in order to apply a change that engages the solenoid.
In the case of AquaT3 taps the sensor works infrared, i.e. reads the presence of the hands, when there is a proximity. When there is the removal of obstacles, in this case the hands, the sensor causes a register to disengage the solenoid, thus allowing the piston to block the flow of water again.


How does the power source work?

The power source allows the faucet sensor to turn on and to engage the solenoid while using the faucet.
Although there are two ways to get the power, AquaT3 sensor faucets use a transformer, which uses the energy from the space where it is installed.
It is in this detail that sensor faucets become more efficient than conventional faucets. The solenoid doesn’t use energy when it’s not engaged, so it saves more with sensor taps. When there is little load to trigger the solenoid the piston will continue in the closed position, avoiding the risk of water waste. For example, if there is an electricity failure you do not have to worry about wasting water, as the tap will remain closed even if it is disconnected from the mains.



Sensor faucets are easy to operate, are more efficient than the rest and allow their use to be more comfortable.
Already familiar with the taps with Aqua T3 sensors?

Sanitize your hands in 3 simple steps without touching

In the middle of a pandemic, the hygiene of our hands is one of the most effective prevention measures to prevent Coronavirus.

Thanks to innovative equipment and stylish designs created by AQUA T3 you will be able to do so without any touch on the surfaces.

But how does it work?

The answer is quite simple. Through intelligent management technology of laser sensors that detect the presence of our hands, the system developed by AQUA T3 allows through outlets for water, liquid soap and hand dryer to perform all hygiene with maximum effectiveness and comfort.

And disinfect, is it possible?

Yes. With this in mind, the brand has decided to develop equipment for this purpose. With 3 automatic outlets for water, liquid soap and liquid disinfectant and a more functional design, the latest Basic Box model, allows not only hand washing but also… DISINFECTION.

The 3 Steps to Effective Hygiene

1º Step

Place your hands under the liquid soap outlet and once you have the desired amount rub your hands well.

2º Step

Once you have completed the first step, activate the water sensor by placing your hands under the outlet to rinse them. Dry them with a towel or with the hand dryer.

3º Step 

Complete the entire procedure with the disinfectant. Place your hands under the signposted exit and rub between 20 and 30 seconds.

As you’ve seen it’s quite easy and convenient and you won’t have to worry about touching surfaces of any public establishment when you want to wash your hands.

10 Advantages of using AquaT3’s sensor faucets

Have you ever thought about how you could make your customers’ hand washing process easier and better?

AquaT3’s sensor faucets are full of good advantages for you, and so we have decided to list just 10 advantages that will make you want to buy our equipment.


What are the advantages of sensor faucets?

  1. The user does not need to touch the surface of the faucet to turn on the water, pour the liquid soap on the hand, and dry the hands, or depending on the model, instead of the hand dryer, the faucets have a disinfectant outlet.
  2.  It saves water: water only comes out as long as the sensor detects your hand, when you remove your hands the waterfall stops instantly.
  3. The installation of the equipment is easy. In Portugal the installation can be done by a technician from our team, or you can ask a plumber and follow our installation manual.
  4.  After the installation of the service, you always have the support of our team for any kind of help you need, either in person or online, through a call.
  5. Our faucets are suitable for various types of environments. Thanks to their features and contemporary design the taps always look good in the bathroom.
  6. It helps prevent communicable and infectious diseases, since there is no physical contact on the surface of the faucet.
  7. The good workmanship and quality materials used in the faucets, makes them always look beautiful and do not wear out over time.
  8. The delivery time is fast. After you place your order, you will have your faucets within 2 to 3 weeks.
  9. All products are 100% domestic and the taps are made in our facilities.
  10. The nine advantages described above.

As you can see, there are only good reasons to choose our faucets with sensors.

Any doubts left?