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What defines us

We are a brand of innovative hand washing and disinfection equipment. All equipment is 100% national and guarantees a conscientious and responsible use, taking special care with the environment. For AQUA T3 your health and well-being always comes first. We manufacture quality equipment that is effective in daily hygiene, ensuring its safe handling and avoiding contact with surfaces.

We work for a better future!

We are constantly innovating in search of the best solutions for personal hygiene.

Why AQUA T3?

Our products have an innovative and functional design, are easy to install, take up little space and prioritize saving time when washing and/or disinfecting your hands, being comfortable and effective in use.

Save time

With our equipment, hand washing becomes a unique and quick experience that you will want to repeat.
With our technology, our equipment allows you to wash your hands without ever touching anything.

Client support

We are always available to clarify questions regarding delivery times or technical support.

Technical features

The equipment is developed in stainless steel and some ranges can be customized according to available finishes.

All offer three distinct features that can be adapted to the proposed needs.

100% Portuguese equipment with an innovative and functional design

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