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Select Model

The Select model provides a unique hand washing, because with its three features (water outlet, liquid soap outlet and hand dryer), hand washing becomes more comfortable.

TThanks to its design, it is an equipment that fits well in public bathrooms.

Select Model

Dimensions (mm): 530 x 260 x 240
Power SupplyFood 100 - 230 Vac
Maximum sensor detection range (cm) 15
Finishing Polished
Unibody equipment Yes
Compact set of three systems Water, liquid soap and hand dryer
Hands-free activation by optical sensors Yes
Timed LED Lights Yes
Magnetic key for locking and cleaning the equipment Yes
Economic Function Perlator Yes
Control of water temperature Optional
Liquid Soap Reservoir Optional
Warranty 2 years
Technical Data

Power source 230Vac, 50Hz/12Vdc
Dryer Electric Power 230Vac
Other equipment 12Vdc
Range of precision laser sensors Software preset
Electronic adjustment of liquid soap dosage Yes
Electronic adjustment of the actuation times of the equipment sensors to turn on and off. Yes
Recommended viscosity of liquid soap 100-3800 cPs
Soap supply by refilling or refilling a 1 or 2 liter tank Yes
Water pressure 0.5 to 0.8 bar (7-116 PSI.
For pressure greater than 8.0 bar, use a pressure reducing valve.

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