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We are a brand of innovative hand washing and disinfection equipment.
All products are 100% national and guarantee a conscious and responsible use with a special care for the environment. For AQUA T3 your health and well-being come first. We manufacture quality products that are effective in daily hygiene ensuring safe handling and avoiding contact with surfaces.

We work for a better future!
We are constantly innovating in the search for the best solutions for personal hygiene.

Why AQUA T3?

We produce innovative hand washing equipment that ensures effective cleaning and disinfection.
In addition to saving time and space with our products you will feel comfortable using them due to its characteristics and contemporary design.
Our items are suitable for different types of environment and their installation is easy and simple.
Opinion of our Customers
  • Marie Passoni
    "Un produit de haute qualité qui permet une moindre consommation d'eau et un pouvoir de séchage élevé."
    Marie Passoni
  • Juan Cortez
    “Si está buscando un producto de alta calidad, le recomiendo este. La mejor relación calidad / precio."
    Juan Cortez
  • John Smith
    “I have tried other products that worked fine, but this one is certainly the best of them all. It brings efficiency to a new level of simplicity.”
    John Smith

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